Engineered Control Valves for Aerospace Testing Systems

Ground testing of turbines, rocket engines, fuel systems and components is critical to ensure flight worthiness. Engineers for these systems and components require valid data to thoroughly understand the operation of the system or individual component under an array of environmental conditions. Trimteck engineers control valves to tackle the most challenging process conditions in the…

OpGL Midstream Natural Gas

Understanding and Predicting Cavitation in Control Valves

Cavitation in control valves occurs only with liquid media, and the principal factors are fluid velocity and pressure drop. Vapor bubbles will form if the liquid’s upstream pressure suddenly drops below its vapor pressure as it flows through the valve. Cavitation is the collapsing of these vapor bubbles as the pressure recovers downstream of the valve’s trim outlet. Click here to download Trimteck’s instructional in-depth…

Trimteck® Optimux®

Valve Solutions for Chemical and Petrochemical Applications

[one_half padding=”0 20px 0 20px”] Trimteck’s top-guided globe control valve is designed to solve common operational issues in valves, such as: seizing, excessive leakage, and the high cost of spare parts. Many end-users continue to purchase control valves with designs that still present these problems. For a variety of reasons, Trimteck control valves are without question the best…

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